Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pikes Peak in the Clear

The morning of June 3, 2009 brought overcast skies and drizzle to Colorado Springs, CO - dampening my hopes of a clear day on a field trip to nearby Pikes Peak (at 14,110 ft, Pikes Peak is one of Colorado's 54 "14ers"). Assured by the folks who run the Pikes Peak Cog Railroad that the summit was clear, we boarded the train for the ride to the top.
It wasn't long before we broke free of the clouds, and soon were way above treeline in a few inches of new snow! From the summit we were able to look back down toward the cloud covered Colorado Springs and the plains to the east, where it remained cloudy and wet for the rest of the day.


Eric Klotzko said...

Awesome shot Kluge... what powers the train? How would the altitude impact the engine do you suppose? I remember driving through the rockies and finding significant performance issues with my car at the higher altitudes... do you think they tune those engines to intake more O2?

Steve Kluge said...

Squirrels on a treadmill, but they're well adapted to the high altitude.
At this time, the electricity they generate on the way down is wasted..I imagine that some day they'll harness that energy for the ride back up.