Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mt. St. Helens Video in Google Earth

While reading the news this morning, I stumbled upon a nice set of Mt. St. Helens before and after shots, and a link to a time lapse video of the building of the new lava dome. Some of what I saw in the video sent me to Google Earth for a closer look, and as usual things are not quite as simple as they seem.

I put together this kml file St. Helens Questions.kmz , with the video and links embedded, and some placemarks with questions and my amateurish attempts at interpretation.

If you open the file in GE, expand the folder that appears in Temporary Places, and click the icons for the video and each placemark, in order, you can follow my convoluted train of thought.

I welcome any and all comments and interpretations.

(maybe we need a field trip? - the snow is FINALLY melting there)

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Shirley said...

The time lapse was fascinating. I watched way too many times. It seemed to me there was some kind of eruption in that very first second of the video. Almost like a ripple effect after a big rock got dropped. Really interesting.