Thursday, February 14, 2008

Join the Westchester Amateur Astronomers at Pound Ridge Reservation...

..on the evening of February 20 to view the Lunar Eclipse (see previous two posts to this blog, and Fred Espenak's eclipse page). The Westchester Amateurs are regulars at the Res, and have gotten the cooperation of the County in making the Res available to all that night. They'll gather at the Meadow at the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation at around 8:30 PM. Weather permitting, I and some of the FLHS staff will be there too, with a telescope! This is not a school sponsored event, but if you (and perhaps your family) decide to participate, kill the headlights as you enter the parking area, and limit flashlight size and use - people's eyes will be adjusted to the dark, and bright lights upset that adjustment. Dress warmly (hat and gloves!). I'll bring a sleeping bag and pad for myself so I can be comfortable as I watch the sky that night.
Bring binoculars if you have them, and a camera and tripod if you want to photograph the event (and telescopes, too - but not unless you know how to use them - it won't be a good time to learn).
Hope to see you there!

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