Friday, February 1, 2008

Freezing Rain and Icicles

Area schools closed today in anticipation of accumulating ice as significant freezing rain fell during the day.

The rain started falling around 10 AM, with my digital thermometer reading 32.5 degrees F. It's been raining liquid water and an occasional ice pellet ever since then (it's now after 2 PM) and whatever is falling is freezing on contact. The picture here is of icicles that formed as liquid water ran off the car and froze.

What's interesting is that the temperature on my digital thermometer has remained constant - right at the freezing point - all day, even though other local stations are reporting slightly colder temps. I think the reason for the constant temp on my thermometer is due to the fact that the sensor in my yard is getting wet, and the water on it is freezing and holding the temperature right at the freezing point.

I've posted a few more icicle pics here.

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